Ben - Embracing It Fitness

Sunday 11 December 2016

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Coach and Sports Nutritionist. I am currently a trainer at 2 CrossFit boxes (gyms) in Hamilton, leading group training sessions. On top of all that, I'm studying full-time towards a Bachelor of Health Science through Massey University’s distance learning programme. I also care full-time for a kitten called Snickers…she’s pretty annoying but pretty awesome at the same time :P

Where did your passion for fitness and nutrition stem from?

I have played sports from the age of 4 and all the way up till about 20. Soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby…you name it, I’ve most likely played it at some point. So sport and fitness have always been a hobbies of mine. 

My passion for fitness and nutrition, however, stems from when I was 18. I had just finished school and was severely overweight – weighing in at 130kg. I set out to lose weight and managed to drop 40kg in just 4 months. Working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist got me hooked on it all and I proceeded to gain more knowledge by reading articles and watching videos online about training and nutrition. 

I started CrossFit in 2013 after realising that my body was no longer cut out for sport. I fell in love instantly and couldn’t get enough. But, in the time since I have had 3 knee surgeries, keeping me from training properly for the best part of the last 3 years. Because I spent more time in the gym helping people with their training rather than training myself, I realised that helping others achieve their goals was something I really enjoyed and it was a way for me to keep involved in the sport I love. 

I went out and got a Sports Nutritionist Certificate, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate and Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Certificate and I haven’t looked back since. 

What is Embracing It Fitness? 

Embracing It Fitness is about accepting our limitations and achieving to the best of our ability. It is about not accepting social expectations of the perfect body type or ideal fitness level. Embracing It Fitness aims to help ANYBODY and EVERYBODY, no matter your situation. Embracing It Fitness is about giving you the knowledge to live a healthy life and harness your true potential. 

We offer a range of nutrition plans to suit your needs. Nutrition for sports performance, weight loss or general lifestyle enhancement, we have it all. We also offer a personal training service designed to help you get the most out of yourself and your workouts. Be encouraged, motivated, supported and pushed by an experienced trainer who always puts you first. 

We also aim to host Olympic weightlifting and nutrition seminars in the near future.

How did Embracing It Fitness come about? 

Not 100% sure really. Emma pitched the idea to me one day and I agreed that it would work. We just ran with the concept and started throwing ideas around as we went by. 

Are you nervous about going into business with your fiance?

Not one bit. Yes we are bound to have disagreements regarding the business, but we both communicate with each other and are open to express our concerns when they arise. When they do, we sit down and talk about things and always come to a compromise. I have no doubts that we will run a successful business and be an amazing couple at the same time. 

What are your goals for your new business? 

Help people realise that they are awesome no matter their circumstances. I want everybody to feel on top of the world, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to give people the knowledge they require to become the best version of themselves. 

Ultimately, I would like to have a gym where people can come to train with an office where I will run nutrition consultations. And a café out front where Emma can prepare and sell her amazing baking recipes!

What’s your number one health and fitness tip? 

Don’t buy into the hype of media. No fat burning pill, cabbage soup diet or meal replacement diet will make you healthy. Fresh, organic and wholesome food in correct portions over a sustained period of time will make you healthy. 

What is your long term health/fitness goal? 

To recover from my recent knee surgery and resume training at full capacity again, and stay fit and healthy for the children Emma and I intend on having shortly after we get married next year. 

Favourite motivational quote? 

“Challenges in life are inevitable, but what defeats us is optional.”

How can people contact you? 

Cell – 027 724 4204
Email –
Facebook –

Any last words? 

Stay awesome.