Craft Smoothie review

Monday 02 July 2018


I’m a huge fan of smoothies. I like them because they’re nutrient dense, easy to digest, convenient and usually sweet (I’ve got a huge sweet tooth). But as my husband Ben would happily tell you, I suck at getting them right - and there’s nothing worse than a bad smoothie!! I actually usually request he make them for me. Otherwise it ends up too watery, too thick, or has a weird flavour combination going on. I’ve mastered the frozen banana, nut butter, cocoa and almond milk combo - but that’s it.


And I like the idea of trying out new flavours and making smoothies from recipe books - but don’t often have all of the ingredients on hand. Nor do I fancy buying a whole tub of something (usually an expensive superfood) when you only need to add one tablespoon.


So when I heard that Craft Smoothie did all of the hard work for you, I was keen to give their smoothie box a go. It’s basically like a My Food Bag for smoothies. All of the ingredients and recipes get delivered to your door step in a box. The box has ingredients for five different smoothies and each recipe has two servings. So you can make and split with your partner/flatmate/mum, or if you’re a hungry breastfeeding mumma like myself - just drink the whole thing.


My box turned up on a Tuesday while I was at work - you don’t need to sign for it which is handy. Everything was beautifully packaged up, portioned and clearly labelled. You’re told what ingredients need to go in the fridge and what can be left out. And the superfoods (cacao, maca etc) come in little sealed brown paper bags. As someone with multiple food intolerances, it’s ideal that all of the smoothies are paleo and vegan friendly, and can be adapted.

The recipes I had were: 

  • Can’t wait for tamarillo
  • As a matcha of fact
  • Maca wish
  • Orange you excited
  • I’m nut telling


They all had ingredients I would have never even thought of putting in a smoothie. Things like pears, grapes, carrot and even a lemonade apple (which I didn’t even know was a thing). As well as smoothie staples like bananas, kale and kiwi fruit.


Because I have peanut butter and banana on toast for breakfast (the best combo), I opted to make my smoothies in the morning and enjoy as a snack around that 3pm mark when I want a quick pick me up. I find this works for me, as smoothies don’t quite do the job at breakfast - I like to bite something versus drinking, and have room for a coffee (can’t function without it). One day I had one serving of a smoothie before CrossFit and the second half after the workout - that worked well.


I have a Breville Blitz2Go, which is pretty powerful and had no issues blending the ingredients. The problem I had with the Craft Smoothie recipes - is that they often filled my blender cups right up and went over the max line. To make this work I just left some things out to start, and added them in once the smoothie was a liquid consistency. This is something they suggest on the “tricks and tips” card they provide.


Each smoothie only took a couple of minutes to prepare, which is really handy when you’re rushing out the door and have a small human to look after (can only buy so much time in a high chair). There was one day where I just didn’t feel like having a smoothie, so left it for another day and the ingredients stayed fresh.


I used unsweetened almond milk as my liquid of choice, but you can use water, coconut water, full fat milk, soy milk or whatever tickles your fancy. When I made my first smoothie I included ice as the recipes suggest, but by the end of the week I was leaving it out. I just liked the consistency better and found that I could fit everything in at once. I prefer a thick smoothie and wish I’d pre frozen the bananas - another option they give you!


In terms of flavours my favourite was the one I thought was going to be yuck - “orange you excited,” it had a banana, orange, carrot, goji berries, pysllium husk and black current. My least favourite was “I’m nut telling,” which had banana, pears, hazelnuts, cacao and dates. I found the texture of the pears to be a little gritty. All of the smoothies had a really refreshing taste, and what I loved most was that they all tasted distinctly different.


If you want to take the stress and hassle out of planning breakfast/snacks - the Craft Smoothie Box is a great option. You can sign up to have it delivered weekly or fortnightly and will get variation every time. You can also just try it as a one off to see if it works for you.


What does it cost? A box is $54, which works out to be $5.40 per smoothie...pretty good considering you’d pay around $10 for one smoothie at a health cafe!! If you’d like to try it out you can use the code “EMBRACINGIT” to get $5 off your first order.


Check out their website for more information -