Junk Food Free Super Simple Snacks

Sunday 11 December 2016

Put down that spoonful of sugar…

We all crave sugar, why?! Because it’s a quick energy booster and sweet things tastes soooo damn good. But if we want to look after our bodies, we need to ease back on our intake! I for one favour sweet foods, especially dessert on a cold winter evening. Did you know that when you eat sugar it stimulates the release of dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel pleasure. The brain recognises and likes this feeling and begins to crave more, as dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters involved in reward seeking behaviour. In fact, morphine and sugar stimulate the same receptors in your brain and the dangers aren’t just to your waistline. Part of the problem with sugar is that the satiety centre in your brain isn’t activated so you just keep eating it (source: Dr. Libby). I’m evidence of this, as often when I have one piece of something sweet, I can’t stop. Which is what I’m focusing on conquering throughout this challenge!

So all of you amazing people participating in Kettlebells and Cookies Junk Food Free August are doing wonders for your overall health and waistline by significantly reducing your intake. Even if it does make you a grumpier and sadder person to start with. Don’t worry these feelings won’t last, by staying strong and practicing self-control you will come out the other end with more energy, as you won’t be relying on sugar to get through the day.

Times will be tough though, you’ll want that fix. But luckily, there are healthier sweet treats that you can turn when those cravings hit. Today I’m sharing with you 8 easy clean sweet treats.

Raw brownie balls - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=109 

Chia seed pudding - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=27 

Orange and almond chia seed muffins - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=75 

Clean banana ice cream - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=92 

Protein mug cake - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=31 

Peanut butter and apple - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=119

Berry jam: http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=120


Baby food!!! I know you’re thinking whaaaat? But once you’ve tried it and had the convenience, you will never go back. Only Organic have a great range of flavours and don’t add sugar. Be warned, you may receive some strange looks from your friends and colleagues.

Energy Mix - http://www.embracingit.co.nz/php/recipes.php?recipe_id=121

I have lots of other great free from refined sugar recipes, including home-made protein bars, protein pancakes, clean fruit crumble, clean cookies and much more so be sure to check it out for ideas.
My best piece of advice is if you know you want something sweet mid-afternoon or for dessert, have these healthier ‘go to’ snacks on hand so that you don’t reach for chocolate or a bag of lollies. It’s easy to keep a few frozen bananas in your freezer!

By the end of this challenge, your cravings will diminish and you won’t be missing sugar at all! Especially when you can turn to these easy to make clean sweet treats!!
Love your body by fuelling it with the good stuff.

*I was asked to write this piece for Kettlebells and Cookies as part of their Junk Food Free Month Challenge. Check out their blog http://kettlebellsandcookies.com/