Keep Calm and Block

Sunday 11 December 2016

In my last blog post reviewing the Whole30 I highlighted results that came from a food intolerance blood test. These results were extremely hard to come to terms with – I have only just come out of denial that if I want to feel good, reduce my symptoms and have energy; dairy, eggs and nuts need to be excluded from my diet. In the last few weeks I reached the point, where I was so used to feeling crap I continued to eat these problem causing foods. Indulging in things I never would have previously like diet coke, alcohol, butter chicken and my all-time favourite liquorice all sorts. 

My relationship with food took a turn for the worst. This with the added stress of studying whilst working full time didn’t help, I found myself relying on sugar, needing a fix and using “study” as an excuse to eat this way. Although it was only for a few weeks and the amount wasn’t drastic – it felt wrong, unhealthy and yet again I have gained weight (the weight that I worked so hard to get off). 

I had spent all this money finding answers….I had those answers and was doing absolutely nothing with them. I guess you could say I’m stuck. Why am I unable to accept that there are some foods my body simply will not process and that if I stop poisoning my body with these I will probably feel a million times better? I wish I had an answer to that question…But I have realised that this can’t go on. I recently took some time to look at the bigger picture – although I’d like to lose the weight I have gained and be as lean as I can, there are more important things that need to be considered, such as my overall health and balancing my hormones. Because, reality is…if I want to give myself the best possible chance at having children I need to look after myself and give my body the fuel it needs to function efficiently. 

So putting this in perspective – changes need to be made. But as my motivation is low and I seem to be struggling to find my mojo I have paired up with the lovely Jane from Kettlebells and Cookies. Today I had a conversation with her (as we often do) expressing my current state of how I just have no idea what to eat and that I need to try something new. Jane pointed out that she too was off track and needed to drop in weight for an upcoming weight lifting competition. 

We thought, why don’t we do this together? Hold each other accountable and share our journey with all our followers? So that is exactly what we are going to do, with the block diet. 

The block diet is designed to support physical exercise but not excess fat – in essence, a ‘leaning out’ diet. Once an individual has reached their ideal lean mass, more fat is added to the diet to help prevent decreases in performance – sport or otherwise. 

A block is a unit of measure used to simplify the process of making balanced meals. 7 grams of Protein = 1 block of Protein, 9 grams of Carbohydrates = 1 block of Carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of Fat = 1 block of Fat. When a meal is composed of equal blocks of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, it is 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat. 

For the sake of explaining this as easily as I can, I am following a 3 block diet (except for snacks which are 2 blocks). Each of my meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) my meals all consist of 3 blocks protein, carbohydrates, and fats. There is an excellent chart with all the foods and their block measurements here

My fiancé Ben and I, started this two weeks ago but I didn’t completely commit and picked foods that I shouldn’t be eating. I can’t expect to make progress doing this!!

Jane has followed the block diet before and found it to be extremely successful. You can read a blog post she wrote on it here 

So with Ben by my side and Jane to share the journey with, I feel ready to embark on another stage on my journey to live a healthy lifestyle. Jane and I will take before photographs and measurements to review our progress. I know it won’t be easy, but we’ll share how we’re going and what we’re eating as we commit for the next month – she’ll be ready to weigh in underweight at her competition and I’ll be treating my body as my temple and looking hot for my engagement party (one month away this weekend). 

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Watch this space x