Meet Kelsey

Sunday 11 December 2016

There’s someone special I’d like you to meet. This special person fights battles very similar to my own and as I read her application for our community project I could see she was on the same downward spiral I had once been on. 

My goals with Embracing It are to share my health and fitness journey with others and inspire people and provide guidance. So when I see people with similar conditions questioning what is going on with their body and feeling fed up with the whole ordeal – I feel their pain. And Kelsey’s pain is something I REALLY get. 

Kelsey recently wrote on her own blog ‘The Tackling Twenties Club, “endo is going to continue impacting all parts of my daily life and may eventually lead to infertility, I just don't know. I may need more surgeries, more medication a tonne of extra support and a series of advice on how to manage it.” 

The last sentence is what stood out to me – because after 12 years of managing endometriosis myself and having a partner who has dedicated his time to improving my overall quality of life, we just knew that she was the one. I won’t blab on; I just want you tell you a little bit about her so that if you decide to follow our project – you know where it all started. 

Now this young lady is incredible, she’s stuck it out, achieved big things, not let any of her on-going issues stop her from living and now deserves a break. She deserves some answers, some coping tactics, some help and guidance. And we are delighted to be able to team up and give it to her. Myself having been through (and still going) through it all and Ben, a health professional whose goal is to help people feel the best they can – no matter their circumstances. 

Meet Kelsey…

Name: Kelsey Hoare
Age: 21 
Occupation: Full time management student at The University of Waikato – studying Public Relations and Psychology
Hobbies: Soccer, hanging with friends and family, water sports
Health circumstances: Bulging disk in lower back, endometriosis, PCOS and IBS

Kelsey applied for our programme because she was just about ready to give up on trying to lose weight and be healthy. Her motivation levels are low, which is frustrating, as she knows the healthier she is – the better she’ll feel and have fewer symptoms/complications. Kelsey would also like to get some help understanding how her body works (compared to others) and build some self confidence. 

In 6 months’ time I can guarantee that this situation will have COMPLETELY changed. If you really want to get to know Kelsey I encourage you to pop over to her blog and read her reflection on living with endometriosis - 

Watch this space, the life changing health transformation has begun and we’re excited to be able to give back to someone deserving.