Nomad Nutrition Juice Cleanse Review

Sunday 11 December 2016

Me and my digestive system don’t really get along. Although I do my absolute best to steer clear of foods that upset it and take supplements to keep things moving – I still have issues. When it gets really bad….like I’m up all night bloated and in pain I know I need give it some TLC. To give it a break I usually opt for a juice cleanse, now I know that many people don’t believe in juice cleanses (and that’s okay, they’re not for everyone) but for me they work wonders. I also decided to do the programme to give myself a kick start, my eating has fallen off track over the past month and I find it easier to eat well and make better decisions about food after cleansing. 

This was my fifth juice cleanse and first time using the Nomad Nutrition programme. I chose their 3 day classic cleanse, which as their web site states “is a nutritionist and naturopath designed cleanse and renewal programme. The Nomad Cleanse consists of replacing your daily meals with 6 nourishing and cleansing beverages for a period of 3 days. Each drink is a blend of specifically chosen fruit, vegetables, pro biotic’s, pre biotics, herbs, medicinal weeds, sprouted nuts and seeds and exotic super foods.”

I had a couple of implications getting my juices. I was informed by the company that they would not be able to deliver them to my home address, so was offered a refund or the option of picking them up from the depot. I decided to pick them up, and was refunded half of the delivery fee. It was a little inconvenient, as I had to drive and get two deliveries and rush them to a fridge. I was really impressed with the presentation of the delivery, in the first box you got your 6 juices, a fresh lemon to cut and drink upon waking, a lunch bag to transport your juices and a set of straws. 

I was nervous about drinking my first juice as it was “green” made with apple, cucumber, kale, lemon, kawakawa, chia seeds, chorella and a brazil, and previously the green juices on all other juice cleanses I have done have been disguising! The first sip was a little bitter to the taste buds, but it was actually really nice. As were all of the other juices. The first two were the hardest to drink – carrot and turmeric just have a horrible after taste…but once they’re under your belt it’s smooth sailing.

My favourites were the wild and wilin berries, made from banana, blueberries, almonds, elderflower, linseed, pomegranate lemon and goji berries. The green shataki, made with pineapple, avocado, lotus green tea, spinach, aloe vera, apple and lemon. And the last juice for the day, shanti calm, made with banana, cashew milk, chamomile, buckwheat, cinnamon, dates, vanilla and sea salt. The big difference I noticed compared to other juice cleanses was that these juices all include fats, proteins and carbohydrates so you felt quite satisfied after each. I didn’t find myself needing to munch on cucumber sticks or an apple to get myself through, and I didn’t feel dizzy at any point. I did have a killer headache across the 3 days, which would have come from me not having my daily caffeine fix! Thank goodness for Green Tea, which got me through. My energy levels were low and I found myself in bed by 9pm each night (probably not a bad thing). I trained on one of the days and found myself drinking A LOT of water, and getting up numerous times throughout the night to pee. 

I’m unsure if I lost weight over the 3 days – I wasn’t trying to. At the moment I am trying to put my health first and feel good and strong, rather than focus on being skinny or a certain weight (something that I struggle with). One of the reasons Nomad appealed to me is because they place emphasis on cleansing and replenishing your body to work at it’s optimal level – not depriving yourself. If you want to have a snack there is a list of foods you can pick from, including a soup recipe. 

Another thing I really liked about the Nomad Cleanse is that they encourage you to look at the whole picture, thinking purification of the body and the mind. Highlighting that you may have “toxins” at work and in your home environment that add stress to your body – and when we are stressed our body does not function at its best. Nomad push you to think about why you are doing the cleanse, what you want to get out of it and to love you body. You are sent through a guide which has some affirmations like “I recognise my body as a good friend.” This is something that I struggle to do, as it forever seems to be causing me pain and frustration. 

To be honest, this is the best juice cleanse I have done so far and although it is a little more expensive than other companies I highly recommend it – if juicing is something you’d like to do. If you’re aren’t convinced here are some of the reasons I like cleansing…

- Gives your stomach, gut and liver a rest 
- Reduces your appetite (I loose sight of portion control)
- You don’t have to think about food (with so many food intolerances I am often found over thinking every meal I’m going to eat)
- Removes foods that can cause inflammation 
- Rehydrates your body
- Helps you learn to listen to your body and what it needs/will run best on
- Forces you to chill and have some down time

So all in all, very happy with my decision to do another cleanse and use Nomad Nutrition. I am looking forward to being more conscious about what I eat and more importantly – EATING SOMETHING. If you’d like more information on Nomad nutrition check out their web site – 

P.S – I may have been a bit hangry at times (sorry Ben). Lucky I was only at work for one of the days. In saying that, it is easier when you keep busy and aren’t watching the time, waiting for your next juice.