Paleome Hamilton

Sunday 11 December 2016

I recently had the pleasure of taste testing some of the lovely Hala from PaleoMe Hamilton’s delicious creations. On the menu was butter chicken with cauliflower rice, chicken curry and lamb shanks with kumara mash. 

My personal favourite (and apparently many others) were the lamb shanks and kumara mash, which gave an explosion of flavours, and something I will be ordering regularly. I must also say that the butter chicken tasted better than stuff you buy as take-aways, it was so creamy. Goes to show the true power of real and wholesome food.

Through taste testing PaleoMe Hamilton’s creations I was able to see that Hala shows the possibilities of choosing to eat healthy while not having to give up on taste and the fun of eating. As a person living a busy lifestyle and trying to eat to assist with my own CrossFit training, having a service like PaleoMe in Hamilton is JUST what I need in my life!! 

So what exactly is PaleoMe?! Find out more in my interview with Hala delving into a little but more about her journey to live a healthy lifestyle, how PaleoMe came about and a few handy tips.

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

I am a mother of three and wife to 1. I am an avid CrossFitter and used to own my own box/gym in Auckland in 2009. I have always been disciplined about what I eat, but ever since having children I have taken the food choices I make for my family allot more seriously. 

When people ask you what is paleo what do you tell them?

It is just a label. It’s all about eating wholesome unprocessed food. 

What is PaleoMe?

It is my attempt to share with the people around me and other athletes in Hamilton the possibilities of choosing to eat healthy while not having to give up on taste and the fun of eating. 

How did PaleoMe come about?

As I started to cook for my family and experimenting, I would have friends over and they kept encouraging me to make it a business and start selling meals. I always thought that was silly as it was something I do every day for my family. But one day I got an email from James Connew and Rebecca Gowing saying that they need some help and were not able to get any of the meals from Auckland and Hamilton was very limited with Choice and taste. As I agreed to make them some meals, they started sharing how much they enjoyed it on Facebook and quickly the messages started coming in and the orders started. I opened my first booth at a CrossFit comp at CrossFit TeRapa and I met allot of lovely ladies face to face and the rest is history. 

What are your goals for your new business?

I would like to see it grow into a family business and create an opportunity to be able to reach as many people as possible in Hamilton. I hope to have 3 main streams of offerings. Meals, Cooking groups & Catering services (had catered for a kids birthday once and it was very satisfying seeing young kids enjoying healthy food and not even realizing it) 

What are your favourite healthy living blogs/recipe books or tools?

Hands down Pete Evens is my mentor and Dr Mercola satisfies my scientific hunger to all the WHY questions in my head. But I must mention my mum, as she has instilled the love for cooking in me, to this date she loves making everything from fresh and creates meals every day. 

How can people make small adjustments to their diet to live a healthier lifestyle?

I agree with your statement at so many levels. It needs to be small changes at a time to make it a lasting change. My advice to living a healthier lifestyle are (top 5): 

1. Look at your food before you eat it. If it doesn’t look like it grew naturally or comes from a body part of an animal - don’t eat it, probably processed. 
2. Shop at your local fruit and veggie shop for all your produce needs 
3. Make friends with a local butcher and ask them for advice on how to cook different meats, diversify form just chicken drumsticks, steaks and sausages.... 
4. If it doesn't taste good don’t eat it.... 
5. Educate yourself. In today’s age of information we have no excuse any more to not know any better.... 

How can people get their hands on your delicious stuff?

For now if they contact me through my Facebook page of email me on I can share with them my menu (which changes depending on seasonal vegetables, fruits and available meat). I am hoping to launch PaleoMe Hamilton through a custom built website soon. But all progress will be made public on my Facebook page/blog. 

Any last words?

I would like to make a bold statement. I cook from the heart and offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like my food, just message me and you will get a full refund no questions asked.

Find PaleoMe Hamilton on Facebook here