PHD Juice Cleanse Review

Sunday 11 December 2016

For some crazy reason the lovely Sam from noneedforscales and I decided to embark on our first ever juice cleanse. We opted for the 3 day basic cleanse which included 6 juices at 2 hour intervals each day.

We both share our experiences…

I had been looking into doing a juice cleanse for a couple of weeks. My eating had gotten out of control with sugar cravings and treats before and after meals. I wanted to give me body a break from the constant toxins I had been putting in and kickstart my old eating habits.

By the end of Day 1 I had a headache and was very hangry; I just didn’t want to socialize with anyone but lay in my bed feeling sorry for myself. I ate 5 Almonds when I got home from work as I was not feeling great, and this sorted myself out.

I felt great in the morning when I woke, had heaps of energy to get out bed and head to work. Throughout the day all I could think about eating was almonds and chocolate. I already knew that if you craved these two things that the body is low in magnesium, so I brought Solgar’s magnesium tablets. The rest of the day I was fine, a little hungry but I took my time drinking the juices.

On the morning of day 3 it just felt like routine to have another green juice in the morning. My body was so used to it now that I didn’t crave anything else that morning for breakfast. My energy levels were fine, and I felt back to normal, however, I was severly bloated from consuming a lot of liquid and felt like I had put on weight rather than the opposite that I had expected.

I did not weigh myself before hand, as I do not own scales for reasons of becoming addicted to the number, so I based the cleanses outcome on how I felt at the end of it.

The day after the cleanse it felt very weird to eat, I had no cravings for food or didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to consume now that I could. I felt my body was prepared to just have another juice throughout the day rather than actual food.

A few days later and I am back to my normal eating habits, clean eating with smaller portions then before. I am still having treats in the afternoon but more out of habit and due to co-workers also having treats.

I would recommend the cleanse to anyone just wanting to rid toxins of the body, as we all should every couple of months. However if you are already eating quite clean like I previously was, don’t expect to many side effects or a huge outcome at the end. Now I feel normal, like I hadn’t been on a juice cleanse or any toxins have flushed out. However, this could be a good sign that I didn’t have much to clear out and what I did clean out was minimal.

I wanted to do this cleanse because, as my body hasn’t been agreeing with me lately. A few weeks ago I saw a nutritionist, Alison from Healthy Eating, who had been recommended through an Endometriosis Support Group in Hawke’s Bay. I had food intolerance testing done and a personal eating plan made. Alison takes a great approach and believes that everyone’s needs are unique, therefore everyone’s eating plans will be unique for them.

After discussion about my health and medical history, Alison pointed out that my system appears to be out of balance. Surgeries and IBS have taken a toll on my defences – in a nutshell my digestive system is not working anywhere near as efficiently as it should be and nutrients are not reaching the places they should be.

Alison has developed a personal eating plan for me that will help improve the functioning of my liver and gall bladder, kidneys, stomach, spleen, bowel and endocrine system - the plan aims to improve my energy levels and sleep patterns, reduce symptoms of endometriosis and aid with weight loss.

The first phase of this plan is a cleanse; a way to rest your digestive system – allowing your organs to detoxify. Although she did not specifically recommend the PHD juice cleanse, I decided to do this as it was an easy way to go about it and I’d read lots of good reviews online.

I had a bit of a mental breakdown the night before commencing this and had a sugar binge on raw cheesecake and dark chocolate (once I start I can’t stop). Within half an hour I felt sick and bloated, which was a cruel reality check, reminding me why I shouldn’t eat these kind of things (especially in large portions) in the first place. 

Day 1 – Wednesday

I really struggled not having my morning coffee and something to chew and bite. Usually smoothies leave me feeling hungry and unsatisfied, so a green juice with an after taste of celery wasn’t amazing. I sat it out waiting until 10am for the yellow hit (pineapple, apple and mint) which was delicious, it also provided the energy hit I needed to make it through the morning. Come 12.30pm I was ready for the next juice but really struggled drinking it. I absolutely love beetroot, but not in juice form.

I hit the wall at 3pm, I had a killer headache and was unable to concentrate I also had a nap in my late lunch break because I felt so fatigued. Come the 4.30 green juice, I didn’t even want it. I went home, had a couple of carrot sticks (these are allowed on the cheat sheet) and jumped straight in bed. We had a dinner party at our flat that night which was so tempting and I wasn’t exactly in a sociable friendly mood (someone would classify it as grumpy). There was a kumara and cashew salad with grapes and feta and a seven layer rainbow chocolate caramel birthday cake! I stayed strong, drank my juice and went to bed soon after. The evening cashew dream juice was delicious and left me feeling quite satisfied.

Day 2 – Thursday

This morning was the worst, I felt like I was going to be sick and had an aching stomach. I didn’t feel like I could drink or fit in any water and my bowels moved frequently. At this moment I just wanted to give up and eat something, anything would have hit the spot!!

Once again that yellow hit saved me. I was fine after getting this in my system. I did cheat again and have some almonds before lunch. Come 2pm I felt really good and my head was clear for the first time throughout the cleanse. I even had enough energy to go to a skills class at CrossFit and go late night shopping.

Day 3 – Friday

I really want my morning coffee!! That’s definitely where the morning headaches are coming from, I usually drink two real coffees a day, (which is a terrible habit I need to give up) I’m also a much nicer person when I’ve got a caffeine in me. Come tomorrow as hard as it is going to be I will continue to live without coffee.

Soy and yeast are what I tested to be most intolerant to so by eliminating these from my diet completely I hope to stop unnecessary inflammation and improve my absorption of nutrients. After a month of following this I will slowly reintroduce things to see how my body reacts. My gut feeling is that I won’t want to reintroduce many, as I know my body disagrees. 

Once again, the afternoon was the best part of my day. Although I did spend it daydreaming about the food I’d get to eat tomorrow…Facebook and Pinterest pictures of food porn really don’t help when you’re hungry! I couldn’t finish my lunchtime beetroot juice, couldn’t bear the taste of it by day 3. I had about half and a green tea. Come the afternoon I was feeling the most energetic I have felt in a long time, I went to the gym and ran 4km and Sam and I celebrated our completion by going to see the new Step Up movie.

Going forward I’m feeling good and don’t regret doing this, although…I don’t want to see another juice for a very long time!! The major benefits were; I found that my sleep improved and I didn’t get the 3 o’clock sugar cravings I’d previously had.

I lost a little bit of weight (1.3kg) not eating solids and found the motivation I needed to get back on track - just in time for summer! My one piece of advice if you are going to do a juice cleanse – do it when you don’t need energy! It was great doing it with a friend, as I had someone to complain to when I felt average!

If you aren’t following Sam on instragram yet – do it, she shares great tips and advice for leading an active and healthy lifestyle, she’s also a mega babe #noneedforscales