R3 Massage Therapy Review

Sunday 11 December 2016

Last week Ben and I were lucky enough to get massages from the lovely Ria at R3 Massage Therapy. 

To be honest, I’d given up on finding a decent massage therapist in Hamilton. I’ve tried it all….various masseuses (sports and deep tissue) and almost every mall massage franchise in the region. Sometimes you can hit the jackpot with mall massage services – and they definitely have a time and a place (like during your lunch break). But it’s pretty rare to walk out feeling completely satisfied, I’m usually left wanting more (and regretting spending my money). Sometimes I’ve evened asked if they can push harder, and they don’t even have the strength to do so. So when my friend talked about how intense Ria was, I was like “YES, I’m in.” 

There are a number of factors that lead to me having constantly tight muscles and in need of a massage…

- Ongoing back and shoulder injuries
- Desk work
- Stress (I’m a really stressy person)

I also just find massages really relaxing and a great treat. I went to see Ria for a 60 minute deep tissue massage - located at 1134 Victoria Street, Hamilton, the clinic is gorgeous. When you walk in you feel a sense of calmness and are welcomed with fairy lights, candles and art. 

When I arrived we went through a client questionnaire and I had to highlight my areas of concern/indicate what I hoped to get from the massage. I then got on the table (which was warmed by an electric blanket) and she got to it. She spent time working my butt (which is still sore 3 days later) and really dug into my traps. Not once was I uncomfortable and all my knots and kniggly bits got a good hammering. 

Come 60 minutes, I really didn’t want it to end!! Ria knows what she’s doing and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her. Another thing I loved about Ria – there is no awkwardness. Don’t you hate when you feel like you have to focus on making small talk, when all you want to do is enjoy your massage? Ria has an incredible manner and personality, which makes you feel completely at ease. Did I mention that she was happy to fit me in on a Friday after work?! She’s really flexible and has an easy online booking system. 

Ria’s services are priced at $70 for one hour and she offers; relaxation, deep tissue, sports and pregnancy massage treatments. There are three appointment times you can pick from; 1 hour and 30 min, 1 hour, and 30 minutes - I personally feel like 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough. $70 may seem quite pricey to some, but I’ve parted with $80 for a 45minute session before (and it wasn’t anywhere near as good) and would happily pay $70 for what you get. Might just head over to her web site and book in another session right now! 

Here’s what Ben thought…

Very welcoming, very enthusiastic, very professional and easy to talk with. Her clinic is clean, inviting and feels homely. 

I’ve had a lot of trouble with knee injuries and on-going back problems in the past and have found massage to be a great relief for tight muscles and easing pain. The trouble is it is hard to find someone to get stuck in enough to make any difference. I like someone who will dig deep to release the tension and someone who isn’t afraid of inflicting a little pain to get it done. I believe if it doesn’t hurt at least a little bit then you’re wasting your time – I thought it was awesome when Ria said the exact same thing to me!! 

Ria is amazing. She is thorough with her work and takes the time to work on your problem areas rather than just touching over it briefly and moving on like so many massage therapists do. Best thing is she makes it hurt (the good kind) and applies adequate amounts of pressure to release the tension. She worked for an hour on my back and hamstrings and I have to say that it was the best massage I have had for a very long time. 

Ria is an amazing massage therapist and is so down to earth and easy to talk to. It makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. I will be recommending her to all of my clients as well as friends and family. R3 massage is the place to go!! 

R3 stands for…

RECOVERY from sports or activity (lifestyles, lives, jobs)
REHABILITATION from an on-going or old injury
RELAXATION to de-stress, unwind, and just feel better (at peace) with your own body.

About Ria…

Ria Witchell is the lead massage therapist at R3 massage therapy. Ria Specializes in sports massage and has experience with national and international sporting teams in both NZ and Australia. Ria is trained in Australia, and has experience working with AFL and NRL teams, as well as in private clinics and at The New South Wales Institute of sport. Ria is now back in NZ and has been working with Rowing NZ and Cycling NZ.

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