Summer and Nutrition

Sunday 11 December 2016

Ben Golebiowski
CF-L1 Trainer, Olympic Weightlifting Coach L1, Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this piece was constructed on my own opinion. An opinion formed by what I have learnt through study and through my own experiences – this is not some half-witted rant about something because I read an article online about the latest health trend. I don’t intend on offending anybody or bringing anybody down. We all have opinions on things, I respect yours regardless of my beliefs, so I’d like the same treatment. And please, feel free to respond if you disagree with anything said, I would love to hear what you have to say!! 

On we go…

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and summer not too far off either. The nights are longer and the weather is warmer. It is the time of year people are most concerned about what they put into their mouths. Adverts about getting that bikini body and how to look like the stars are plastered everywhere you turn. Body wraps, magic diet pills, fat burners, meal replacement programmes etc. etc. There is a constant stream of what I call ‘crap’ rammed down our throats at this time of year. 

My mission with Embracing It Fitness is to show everybody that they can be fit and healthy while ‘living life’. I understand that everybody is different and that for many people only eating broccoli and chicken every day is what they like, good on them. But for a lot of us, a kiwi summer means good old BBQ’s, beer and wine with friends, and a Jelly Tip ice cream or Fruju on a scorching summer’s day. I have no judgement either way, you have the freedom to choose how you live your life, that isn’t for someone else to decide. 

There is this constant standard set for society, a standard that for the majority of people is unachievable. These standards are destroying lives, bringing on eating disorders, self-esteem issues, disease and so much more. Fact remains that everyone is genetically different. Not one method works the same way for everyone. 

I guess where the aim of this piece is to highlight the extremely contradictive messages being fed to us through a number of media channels. It is very apparent that we live in the worst era in history in regards to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and a number of other health issues, and gyms/nutritionists/self-proclaimed health freaks/people with no idea but read one article and is all of a sudden a doctor will “promote” their products based on these stats – great, that is what we should be promoting right? Health and well-being? The contradictive part is in the advertising….if you have ever seen an advert for such products or services, you will have noticed the first words you will read 9 times out of 10 are “LOOK GOOD and feel great”…It is never the other way around. Let me point something out - LOOK GOOD doesn’t mean healthy, yet this is what so many people base their health on. Why?? Social standards is why. 

These contradictive messages of advertising are a money maker, and nothing else. The people behind these messages are playing on emotions and feelings of others and providing them with the so called “easy way out”. The thing that people don’t realise is that health isn’t something that can be fixed with a body wrap, fat burning pill or extreme diet. Health is constructed on foundations of years of consistent consumption of whole, organic and fresh foods, regular exercise, doing work you enjoy or are passionate about, raising and being a part of a loving family, and the participation in social activities or other forms of hobbies. There is no shortcut to health, it requires constant attention and it can come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes a beer, the unhealthy beverage that isn’t considered ‘healthy’ by most, is actually healthy to many…in moderation it brings satisfaction to people, it is refreshing and is associated with many special memories among friends and family. The same can be said for cake, bike riding, the Olympics, football…anything that brings pleasure to an individual is in my eyes a contributor to health. Of course moderation is important and too much of something can be very harmful, and there are a number of things I wouldn’t consider healthy, but you get my point. 

Live your life, have a beer here and there, eat some cake and enjoy yourself. Eat whole, fresh foods majority of the time and keep the others in moderation to optimise your lifestyle. An 80/20 approach to living is key – 80% healthy food and regular exercise; 20% treating yourself. Keep it consistent, laughs lots, do work you love and keep people who make you happy in your life. Try something new, be adventurous. There is so much more to health than just conforming to societal rules about looking good. 

Embrace you and do whatever the hell you want to. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Before I go, I want to let you know a bit about our section of the business - Embracing It Fitness. As a business, we run things around our belief that everyone deserves the right to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. We believe that health and wellbeing is number one, and to achieve that you don’t need to have a six pack and rippling muscles. We provide a number of services to people with their needs and goals in mind. We programme for weightless as well as sport performance and general lifestyle enhancement. Our plans are simple yet effective, affordable and suitable for the whole family and the information we supply is designed to give you the knowledge required to live a long and healthy life. We do not promote anything in regards to how you SHOULD be living, but we will help you in any way to reflect how you WANT to live, without judgement. You have the right to live the way you do, we want to help enhance your life by giving you the knowledge and support to “form understandings, develop healthy habits, and watch yourself succeed.”

The best advice I can give you is not to give into hype. Don’t be a follower, be a leader. Set your own standards of what health means to you, not someone else. Set some goals and set out to achieve them. Most importantly, be happy – you only have one life, make the most of it.

If you are concerned about your lifestyle or feel like you need a change but don’t know where to start, get in touch with us and let’s see what we can achieve together.

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