The Embracer

Sunday 11 December 2016


13 June 2016

Here at Embracing It, we are all about helping as many people as we can. We understand that not everybody is in a position to do some of the things they want to. Money, health issues and a number of different circumstances may be stopping you from being the best version of yourself.

We are launching a community project called The Embracer, which is proudly sponsored by The Health Discovery Co.. This programme is an all expense paid, 6 month opportunity for someone in need of a serious health transformation. This programme will involve the following:

- 6 month gym membership
- 3 x 45 min personal training sessions weekly with Ben from Embracing It Fitness
- Custom nutrition programme with regular assessments and adjustments 
- Embracing It Limited branded training gear
- Sponsorship package – including Superfood Bars from The Health Discovery Co., dietary supplements from GO Healthy NZ and Whey House; and fresh, organic produce from Ooooby Waikato; and a number of other fantastic sponsors helping with various services that will be announced soon.

As mentioned – everything above will be FREE to the successful applicant. This is a HUGE opportunity for someone who is in need of a major health transformation. We are searching for someone who may be severely overweight/obese, suffering health problems such as diabetes or heart issues etc., injured, facing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, plus anything else to be considered to be a significant factor in good health.

If you believe you fit this category then please send an email directly to Ben at We will then be in contact with everyone and supply them with an official online application to be completed. From here, we will take our top 5 picks based on their applications and will then run face-to-face appointments to decide who our winner will be.

The successful applicant must be ready to start on July 4th 2016. 

We are also taking nominations, so if you know of someone who may be in need of this programme then feel free to send their details through to us. Just be sure to ask for their permission first.

This programme is NOT open to those who have a current gym membership at any facility. Applicants must be 18 years or older, live in Hamilton, and must be prepared to have a full medical check completed by a registered GP, and at their own expense. Without this, you will not be considered. Other terms and conditions apply, and will be discussed with you upon application. This will be a public progress story, and the successful applicant must be comfortable to have social media exposure, and any other exposure that may arise with this programme.

Other terms and conditions apply, and will be discussed with you upon application.

We would like to thank our amazing sponsors for helping us make this project happen. Without them it wouldn’t be possible.

The Health Disovery Co
GO Healthy NZ
Ooooby Waikato
Admor Promotions
Sentinel Homes.