Vaginal steam

Thursday 08 March 2018

A vaginal what? A vaginal steam, yes you read that correctly. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. Rather than walking in to a steam room and closing the door, you sit on top of a little wooden box with no pants on. It’s like a toilet really, the box has a pot of boiling hot water sitting in it, with a conjunction of herbs mixed through.

Vaginal steams have a long history of use by traditional healers in various parts of the world, especially in Central America. Their popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason – vaginal steams are very beneficial for a wide variety of conditions, from painful menstrual cramps to infertility to nourishment of the area. They can help the uterus empty itself more completely, dislodging old tissue and blood that may have been there for months or even years (Aroha Love, 2018).

So why did I do it? Why not?! Over the years I’ve become very open minded, and reached a point where I’m willing to try anything. Not because I have no faith in modern medicine, but because I read so many success stories from alternative approaches, and think, “holy shit, what if it works for me.”

I read about Aroha Love on someone’s blog (can’t remember who now), but like me, the blogger had PCOS, drank bone broth and did juice cleanses. She raved about her experience, and for some reason I just HAD to try it. Only available in Auckland – I managed to book a healing massage in April 2017 when I was up that way. 


When I arrived, we started out discussing my medical history and symptoms, then Rosanna (who was absolutely lovely) made a herb mix tailored to me and what my body needed. After the steam, she massaged around my ovaries and uterus showing me what the scar tissue felt like under my skin (it was gross and lumpy). She then taught me how to do this massage myself, and reiterated that if I wanted to break down the scar tissue I needed to continue doing it.


Now this you might not believe, but she said to me, “you need to wear condoms when you have sex now, because everything is going to be working, and you’ll want to give your uterus some time to heal and get ready to carry a baby”....and to be honest, I didn’t believe her!! I went home and continued doing my massage with my custom blend oil every night, not because I wanted to get pregnant (IVF was happening at the end of the year and that was the reassurance I needed), just because I wanted to break down all of the scar tissue.

Then…we had sex...without condoms, and 6 weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant. After medical intervention and fertility specialists claiming it would only happen through IVF - that’s pretty crazy.

Is it solely what led me to conceive? Probably not - I had been working really hard on my gut health, restored my period through dieting, seen a chiropractor who worked on my pelvic region, I’d moved cities and started a new job - mentally and physically was in a much better space. But did it play a part in it? I think so!!!

What’d it cost? $250 for the session, and $50 for my oil (optional). She recommended I do another couple of treatments - and I’d love to another down the track.


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