Venerdi Paleo Crackers Review

Sunday 06 November 2016

Venerdi Gluten Free & Paleo Bread have just launched a new product - Paleo Grain Free Crackers!! I was lucky enough to get some to try, here’s what I thought…

Good paleo crackers are something I’ve been waiting for. I’ve attempted to make my own with various recipes on the internet – but couldn’t get the texture right and gave up (lesson learnt - I’ll stick to baking sweet treats). I’ve also tried purchasing some online, but they were too soft and really chewy (fussy right?). So how do these ones compare? Well, they’re much better and they’re right up there as one of my preferred snacks. 

Taste, texture and form:

The flavour is quite strong, it’s moroccan spice with turmeric and mozuku seaweed. The benefits of the crackers having a strong flavour means they’re not bland and you can eat them on their own without needing to add any additional toppings to make them tasty. For me, the downside of this strong flavour was the lingering after taste. If you've got a sensitive gut and fragile digestive system like myself, you may have trouble breaking them down - so remember to chew!

The crackers are rectangle and remind me of ryvita’s, they’re really crunchy and quite dense. The crunchiness is a good thing, as they don’t crumble when you stack them with toppings and they can handle being chucked in your hand-bag (and survive the turbulence). 

What you need to know:

- They’re gluten, grain, soy, dairy and egg free
- They’re made in New Zealand with local and imported ingredients
- They’re 100% paleo 
- Each packet is one serving size: three crackers

The ingredients:

Almonds, chestnuts, chia seeds, linseed, moroccan spices and mozuku seaweed. What's mozuku? It’s an edible seaweed food from Japan that contains dietary fiber and is packed with amazing level of nutrients. 

Nutritional information:

Energy: 1170kJ
Protein: 11.4g
Fat: 20.1g 
Carbohydrate: 8.7g
- Sugars: 3.6g 
Dietary fiber: 9.7g
Calories: each cracker is 93

A few ways to enjoy these paleo crackers:

- Put on a platter with olives, kumara chips, carrot sticks, shredded chicken and grapes
- Top with avocado and tomato for a mid-morning snack
- Top with fresh salmon for lunch 
- Break into chip sized pieces and dip in hummus/guacamole 
- If you can do sweet and savoury – top with almond/peanut butter and sliced banana


The crackers cost $4.49 a pack, which although may seem a little pricey – is very reasonable considering the quality of the ingredients used. When reviewing other paleo crackers, this is a really reasonable price (I’ve purchased another brand that cost $10 for the same quantity). I know it’s not your $2 for a large packet of rice crackers, but it’s money I can easily justify spending on a good nutrient dense snack. Actually, it's the same price as a cup of coffee!!

If you’re craving a healthy and yummy cracker I highly recommend these babies. You can enjoy as a snack or meal, keep some in your desk draw at work for emergencies, eat on the go with no preparation and share when you’re entertaining (my guess is people won’t even click that they’re paleo). Most importantly (on top of taste), the crackers left me feeling full and satisfied. I know Ben thinks the same because I keep finding wrappers all over the house!

Want to get your hands on some? Buy online or check out the list of stockists across New Zealand, and grab some paleo bread while you're there - 

About Venerdi

Venerdi has been in business since April 2002 and started making only certified organic products including spelt biscotti. This is where the Italian name ‘Venerdi’, meaning ‘Friday’, came from. Their humble beginning started at farmers markets, selling spelt biscotti, which soon followed on the addition of spelt bread. It turned out that our customers loved their bread so much, that’s why they decided to launch their products to more customers in New Zealand. Venerdi products then took their next step into organic food shops and later Foodstuffs supermarkets (New World and Pak n’ Save). Venerdi now employs over 50 staff and are continually growing at a phenomenal rate. They’re excited to continue to develop new and innovative bread products whilst maintaining high gluten free/organic standards.

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